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About Us

Angela's Pet Services was established in 2001. The reason behind this choice of profession was because I myself struggled to find adequate care for my dog when I was at work or went on holiday. I realised on talking to friends and family that many people were in the same position.  I made the decision to look into the prospect of running my own business working with animals and in Jan 2001 I took the plunge! I now pride myself on being one of the longest running dog walking and pet minding services in my area.


Me & my dog Sam



I run the business completely on my own so clients have the security of only one person having their personal details and keys to their property. Dogs are only walked and looked after by me allowing me to build not only a great relationship with the animals but also their owners. The secret to my success in this business has undoubtedly been my reliability and loyalty to my clients and their pets over the past 6 years.